20 August 2015

Actor Zander for Yearbook

An afternoon in the sunshine with Zander produced some beautiful results
that have since been published in theyearbookfanzine.com
and check out some of the out takes on Zanders blog 

Photography - Cameron McNee
Model & Actor - Zander Hodgson

19 August 2015

Maria @IMG for Streets Magazine

Photographer - Cameron McNee
Styling - Basma Khalifa
Make Up - Martina Lattanzi
Hair - Antonio Deluca
Model - Maria Konieczna @IMG

24 June 2015

Christian Von Pfefer @Select in Brioni for Hunger

Photography - Cameron McNee
Styling - Chris Benns
Hair - Jody Taylor
Model - Christian Von Pfefer @Select

7 May 2015

John Todd @Next for Apollo Magazine

Photography - Cameron McNee
Styling - Christopher Preston
Groomer - Jody Taylor
Model - John Todd @Next

28 April 2015

James Rousseau @Select for WSJ magazine

Photography - Cameron McNee
Stylist - Marcus Love
Groomer - John Mullan
Model - James Rousseau

22 April 2015

14 April 2015

Casting on Charlotte rd

Photography - Cameron McNee

Models - Marcus, Dylan Monk, Zandre @Elite
Matt Doran @PRM, Marcus & Oscar Edwards @Elite